Beijing’s tall story

What makes Beijing’s future tallest tower, CITIC Tower, a reality?


Over 60% of the 128 skyscrapers completed around the world, in 2016, were in China. This speaks volumes of the country’s transformation over the past two decades. Critical to the construction of these super-tall buildings have been KONE’s innovative technologies without which, reaching these heights would be impossible. The benefits are impressive too. “My calculations show that we are saving about 320,000 work hours per year at CITIC Tower, which is a big saving,” says Wang Wuren, Deputy Chairman and General Manager, Citic Heye Investment CO., LTD speaking of KONE’s JumpLift™ technology. Add to that KONE’s UltraRope® technology and the project spells success. “UltraRope will dramatically reduce the moving mass of the elevator and provide several efficiencies that are beneficial to the customer,” says Kwok Leung, Project Director, Major Projects, KONE China. The tallest tower in Beijing is setting a record of sorts.

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Building facts

  • Completion: 2018
  • Height: 528 m
  • Developer: CITIC Group

KONE solutions

  • 79 KONE elevators
  • 21 KONE double-deck elevators
  • 39 KONE escalators
  • KONE JumpLift™ construction-time elevators
  • KONE UltraRope™ high-rise rope technology
  • KONE Destination™ destination control system

Discover The China Zun Online

  • Find a fast, safe and reliable vertical transportation solution during construction for 2000 to 4000 construction site workers
  • A durable people flow solution for a super tall building with about 20,000 occupants.
  • KONE JumpLift elevators installed to shorten construction schedule, and fasten movement of workers and materials
  • 11 elevators equipped with the KONE UltraRope hoisting technology with a substantial weight reduction that is helping improve energy efficiency

What makes Beijing’s future tallest tower, CITIC Tower, a reality?

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